About Me

Typing about myself is weird 😅. But here goes 🤷‍♀️…

My name is Maryam, like Mariam with a “y”. I’m 21 and I currently reside in the part of NJ where people come and gentrify so they can have cheaper apartments but still live a NY lifestyle. I’m a student at a really cute community college and I’m majoring in Culinary Arts (no, I’m not opening a restaurant 🙄).

Due to the fact that I grew up with no television in the house, I’ve been reading books literally ever since I can remember. I would walk into the library with an empty backpack and spend hours choosing books. Then I would sit down and go through all of my choices and trim them down to whatever maximum amount of books that I could check out. After that I would tote that backpack home and read everything within the week and do it all over again.

Though books have been there for almost every stage of my life, there’s an essential aspect of it where the books I loved never quite satisfied me. That would be the Islamic part. I wanted the same interesting and diverse stories that I was reading but with Muslim characters, brown faces, and names other than Sally, Bob, and Lisa.

However, my options were slim. It never stopped me from reading but now with a younger generation coming after me, why not hunt and make a space for the books that I was deprived of as a child? I plan to be the author of such books one day but for now my blog shall have to do its part to help fill the void. Please enjoy ❤

Favorite Genre

  • Romance

Least Favorite Genre

  • Just about anything nonfiction. Life is too short to read about real life.


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