Simple Thoughts: The “I Can’t” Poison

So I was scrolling twitter and I saw this...(Credits to the artist at the bottom right). This hit me so vividly and so rawly. This. This. This is how I've felt for years. This is how I feel now. Right this instant. A constant battle of "I know I have it in me so why... Continue Reading →


MUSLIM VOICES RISE UP – A glimpse at Black Muslim experiences

MUSLIM VOICES RISE UP – A glimpse at Black Muslim experiences — Read on With the hectic nature of Ramadan, I completely forgot about the MUSLIM VOICES RISE UP segment. I was reminded when Fadwa tagged me for a piece that I wrote for today's portion. Check out today's posting and be sure... Continue Reading →

Simple Thoughts: A True Friend

I recently lost a friend. It was pretty unexpected. Not to death, but to life. Just one of those things that happen. One minute they were there and the next they were gone. I couldn't understand why they had distanced themselves and I was angry. I wrote and thought something along the lines of "One... Continue Reading →

Simple Thoughts: Reading Ruts

Sometimes life grabs me by the hair and swings me around. Then when it lets go, I'm all dizzy and confused wondering what the heck just happened. When life decides to send me on one of it's disorienting trips, my go to is usually to read. But there are times, like now when life has... Continue Reading →

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